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The company was established in the Czech Republic in 1994 as a part of the Optimal Prague company. Since the very beginning, we have completed a wide range of different projects all around the Czech Republic and abroad. We owe the success primarily to our skilled and enthusiastic employees, from project managers to supervisors and individual professions. We benefit mainly from their professional qualifications, motivation, mobility and high work ethics. The majority of them has a university degree and speak fluent English or French. Therefore, our company can guarantee to all customers the first-class quality of all the work and compliance with the negotiated terms and conditions, including prices.

What type of constructions do we realise?


The main scope of our activities lies in designing, planning and subsequent complex delivery of technical installations in various buildings such as industrial sheds, administrative and commercial facilities, shopping centres, hotels, theatres, sports halls, logistics centres, residential complexes or a variety of public buildings.

OPTIMAL Approach

Our main objective is always to find an advanced and most suitable technologies for each project while adhering to the pre-determined standards and regulations. All our projects are carried out, in compliance with these principles, in the shortest possible time while respecting the pre-agreed budget.

Scope Of Work

  • aprove.png Heating
  • aprove.png Ventilation
  • aprove.png Plumbing
  • aprove.png Gas supply
  • aprove.png Automatic contrlo / BMS
  • aprove.png Cooling
  • aprove.png Air conditioning
  • aprove.png Sewerage system
  • aprove.png Compressed air
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